Pinoy group VPeepz gets perfect score in World of Dance 2019

VPeepz , a Pinoy dance group competing in World of Dance (WOD) made history in their performance for the Cut!

They got a score of 100!

The score was given by R&B singer Ne-Yo, one of the judges in the show. This made history in WOD because the remarkable score is the highest and the first-ever perfect score given by an individual judge.

“Without a flip, without a trick, without anything… Nobody risked their life, and you got all three of us out of our seats, “ Ne-Yo said.

Other judges Jennifer Lopez and Derek Hough both gave 98’s.

Dance group VPeepz is one of the competing team in WOD’s Junior Team division . The hip-hop crew is composed of boys and girls aged 11 to 16.

For the show’s April 14 episode, the group performed Billie Eilish‘s “&Burn. The members of the group wore red and blue Barong Tagalog paired with brown trousers and white snickers.

After performance, all the three judges were up on their seats and applauded.

Now VPeepz will be advancing to the next round. The Cut is the third round in the competition.

“Best in the World” title and $1 million cash prize awaits winner of WOD.

Watch the full video below, which is now #16 trending in



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