Piolo Pascual viral photo with son Iñigo explained

A Piolo Pascual viral photo recently became a hot topic again online. The said photo was posted in IG by Moi, Piolo’s long-time personal assistant.

It was a photo of father and son Piolo Pascual and Iñigo lying on the floor. Iñigo was sleeping and embracing his dad who was awake holding his phone.

Unfortunately, it was said that this Piolo Pascual viral photo was maliciously attacked.

There were alleged malicious comments , which Piolo made no big deal about as said in his interview with Pep.ph.

“Kumbaga hindi ko na pinagtakahan ‘yun. ‘Yun talaga ‘yung nature ng tao eh, mapagmasama, ‘yung mapagduda…Sa tagal ko ba naman sa industriya, papatol pa ba tayo? Ipinagkibit-balikat na lang ‘yun at mas maraming may kuwentang gawin sa buhay kaysa pumatol,” he said.

The real story behind this Piolo Pascual viral photo was explained by Piolo himself.

My son didn’t see me for two months, you know, so ganun kami. Ganun kami ka-affectionate sa isa’t isa, so mainggit na lang sila, di ba?

welcome back PapaP @piolo_pascual

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Comments from netizens in the IG photo all backed-up Piolo saying there’s nothing wrong with it. One netizen even said that this was a similar case that happened to former Spice Girls member Victoria Beckham when she was posted a photo of kissing her daughter on the lips.

This is actually not a new thing for Piolo anymore. In 2014, another father and son photo sparked a controversy.

The photo that time showed Piolo kissing another male. It was not known at first who the other male was because only his back was shown. It turned out to be that it was Iñigo. The photo was a screen cap from ABS-CBN’s station ID .

Piolo Pascual viral photo

Source: http://www.mykiru.ph/
Source: http://www.mykiru.ph/

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