POEA Cancels Licenses for Recruitment Agencies with Violations

Filipino workers who are looking for work abroad, take heed.

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) has released a catalog of Recruitment Agencies that were placed under blacklist due to a number of violations of Philippine Migration laws and regulations and unethical practices.


The POEA List of Cancelled Recruitment Agencies for 2014 include:

1. A-M Phil. Professional Services Corporation
2. Al-Siq International Placement and Manpower Services, Inc.
3. AFT International Manpower Services
4. Aguila Management and Resources Corporation
5. Al-Ahram International Group Services, Inc.
6. Al-Sadiq Manpower Corporation
7. Apex Grande International Labor Agency
8. Asian International Manpower Services Inc.
9. Asmara International Placement Agency, Inc.
10. Batie International Manpower Services, Inc.
11. Bobstar International Recruitment Agency, Inc.
12. B & E Overseas Manpower Services Corporation
13. Chronos International Manpower Corporation
14. Creative Artist Placement Services, Inc.
15. Dalandan International Manpower Inc.
16. Dream Fame International Manpower Corporation
17. Dywen International Manpower Agency
18. Expeditor International Manpower Services Co.
19. Experts Placement Agency Inc.
20. Findstaff Placement Services, Inc.
21. France Asia International, Inc.
22. Global Care International Manpower Services
23. Global Unlimited International Manpower, Inc.
24. Globrec Manpower Services Inc.
25. Gerardo J. Santos Manpower
26. Goodman International Manpower Incorporated
27. IDM Manpower Services
28. Inter-Globe Manpower & Consultancy Services, Inc.
29. Jade Jobwell Philippines, Inc.
30. Japhil 2000 International Agency Corporation
31. Jenar Maritime, Inc.
32. Jovineria Manpower Services
33. Kabayan Ko Overseas Manpower Placement
34. Kookies International Recruitment Agency, Inc.
35. Meccaj Manpower International Services
36. M.G.M International Recruitment Services, Inc.
37. Mind Resources Corporation
38. Nahed International Manpower Services
39. Non-Stop Overseas Employment Corporation
40. Pacific Mediterrenian International Manpower Agency, Inc.
41. Perfect Employment Agency Corporation
42. PERT-CPM Manpower Exponents Company, Inc.
43. Renaissance Staffing Support Center, Inc.
44. Ridzkey Human Resources International Services
45. Sacred Heart International Services, Inc.
46. Sand-dune International Manpower Services
47. Saranay Philippines, Inc.
48. Seven Ocean International Manpower Corporation
49. Sherine Manpower Services, Inc.
50. Sunshine Recruitment Agency, Inc.
51. Sky Top Service Contractors, Inc.
52. Sunshine Recruitment Agency, Inc.
53. Tuem International Manpower Corporation
54. Wandy Overseas Placement Agency, Inc.
55. YMC International Manpower Services

Filipinos who intend to apply for employment abroad are advised to regularly check the POEA website in order to keep themselves updated about current regulations and important announcements to avoid unnecessary problems and complications.

The POEA website may be accessed at www.poea.gov.ph

(Source: twitter.com/HansLeoCacdac)POEA List of Cancelled Re

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