Police report filed against alleged Ateneo bully student

A police blotter was filed against the alleged Ateneo bully student. Parents of the  Ateneo junior highschool student who was hurt inside the universitie’s comfort room went to the police station today.

According to news reports, Quezon City Anonas Police Station station commander Supt. Cipriano Galanidad,  stated that the parents came to the station with their child to give statement.

A video of the alleged  bullying incident has gone viral in social media.

In the video, the alleged  student who was identified as Joaquin Montes was seen challenging another student that ended up in a violent incident.

University President Fr. Jose Ramon T. Villarin has issued an official statement yesterday about the incident. (Read: University President release official statement on alleged Ateneo bullying video) .

Today an update was provided in Ateneo’s official Twitter account (@ateneodemanilau), which said that their Discipline Committee has met with the parents of both side and that a decision will be released the soonest. It was also mentioned that the decision will be shared to the community.

In the middle of the public’s criticism , some of our lawmakers has urged netizens to stop the cyberbullying towards the alleged Ateneo bully student.




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