Radio host Sam YG, Tony Toni spoof Cesar Montano naked woman video

After the Cesar Montano naked woman video became viral, here is a spoof recorded by radio personalities  Sam YG and Tony Toni.

The said video of former  Chief Operating Officer of the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) was circulated online by many netizens yesterday. It has become a trending topic in different social media platforms. (Read:Viral: Cesar Montano video with alleged naked lady?).

It was supposed to be an innocent video as Cesar was recording a birthday greeting for his Kagawad friend. Unfortunately an alleged naked woman was captured by the camera.

Now here’s a spoof version created by popular Magic 89.9 radio personalities posted at Tony Toni’s IG account. Mimicking the original video, this version is also a greeting video for  their co-host Slick Rick. It was for the later’s upcoming anniversary.

So while the two were speaking in front of the camera, something happened behind their back that was similar to the Cesar Montano naked woman video, but with a twist… a big twist!

Wanna know what it is? Watch the full video below.




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