Real owner of the Joaquin Montes address experience unexpected deliveries

The alleged real owner of  the Joaquin Montes address shared her unpleasant experience after their address was exposed in social media at the height of the Ateneo bullying issue.

In her Facebook account, netizen named Jewel Taculod  created a post appealing not to spread their address. Apparently, their address was mistakenly proclaimed by as the address of Joaquin Montes, the student who was dismissed after an alleged bullying video went viral (Read: Student involved in Ateneo bullying incident dismissed from school )

The said address that circulated online was- B104 L11-16 Gate 1, Karangalang Drive, Karangalan village, Cainta, Rizal.

Jewel said that since the Ateneo bullying incident came out and their address was dragged, they received fastfood and online store deliveries worth thousand of pesos . In one of her screenshots, a certain Scarlette Romares ordered mobile phones from Lazada that totaled to more than Php 60,000.

According to Jewel ,  the Joaquin Montes address that was leaked online was a school, church her father founded and their home.

Aside from the unexpected deliveries, a fake account under her name was created in Facebook. Jewel said that the fake account surfaced to twist the truth, that she is the one who divulged the address. In one of the comments in the fake account, there was even a post that showed Jewel asking for food to be sent to her.

Some concerned netizens has advised Jewel to report the incident to PNP Anti-Cybercrime .

Here are the Facebook posts.

Jewel Taculod Joaquin Montes address



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