Real Score of Enrique Gil towards Liza Soberano

During the press conference on Wednesday for his upcoming primetime series “Dolce Amore”, Enrique Gil was again asked to clear up issues on his real score with his loveteam Liza Soberano.

Rumors swirled that Gil will formally court Soberano when she turn 18. Thus, Gil wasn’t able to escape an unending question from the press if he will pursue courting Soberano after she celebrated her debut last month.

Aside from that, Gil and Soberano got closer to each other when Soberano admitted that Gil did a great part in her debut preparation held at Club Balai Isabel in Batangas.

What is the response of Enrique Gil on the “real score” issue?

According to reports, Gil responded the same. “We’re in a place na we’re so happy,” he insisted. “I’m happy. Label doesn’t really mean anything as long as you’re happy.”

On the other hand, Soberano revealed that she is thrilled to be paired once more with Gil. The two first worked together on “Forevermore”.

The actress said on interview, “Masaya po kami na lagi kami magkatrabaho –it’s really fun being with him because the foundation of our friendship ay solid. I’m just happy with what’s going on”.

Gil and Soberano keeps their priorities that everything is merely work. Thus, they remain professional. In their upcoming series, Gil will be playing the role of Tenten Ibarra, a sickly orphaned boy who has to accept odd jobs in order to support his foster family.

The story will then go on a twist when Tenten’s hand will be introduced to life as a prostitute. On his first night, however, he will come across an Italian princess named Serena Soriano – Marchesa, the character to be played by Liza.

Viewers will then soon find out the rest of the story. However, Soberano explained that they will be tackling more mature role, and will tackle deeper problems like finding one’s identity.

“Dolce Amore” which is directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina and Mae Czarina Cruz-Alviar includes also cast like Matteo Guidicelli, Sunshine Cruz, Edgar Mortiz, Kean Cipriano, and Andrew E.

This will surely again a much-awaited series specially for the LizQuen fans!


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