The real reason for Atom Araullo’s Resignation

Speculations on the reason behind Atom Araullo’s resignation clouded social media the moment it came out to the public. The loudest buzz was his resignation was related to his political view on the Marcos burial (Read:Atom Araullo steps down as ABS-CBN reporter).

(c) Random Republika

(c) Random Republika

Now a day after the announcement, the mystery on Atom Araullo’s resignation has been uncovered.

Atom finally breaks his silence and clarifies the issue. In his Twitter account, he gave a lengthy explanation to debunk the rumors.

According to Atom he quietly resigned (which of course didn’t happen), to  “explore other areas of media and grow as a journalist.

Though he stressed that his opinion or political view was not the reason of his resignation, Atom still mentioned something about standing up for the truth as a journalist. He also said that being in the media profession, they should be more transparent and open to criticism.

He also confirmed that he will be staying with his home network, ABS-CBN.

In the last portion of his note, Atom said that he is excited in playing a role in debates to come, which is no surprise since Atom was part of Studio 23’s debate program Y Speak.

Here is the full post from @atomaraullo



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