Regine Velasquez shares funny “utang” story with son Nate

7-year old Nate was described by his mom, as “itong anak ko pwedeng negosyante eh” after a funny conversation happened between him and  Kapamilya singer/actress Regine Velasquez.

In her Instagram account, Regine posted a lengthy caption of their mother-and-son moment. Comes with the story is a photo of a paper with Nate’s handwriting. There were numbers, the word “Mom”, and Nate’s name written on it, which made it looked like a “listahan ng utang”.

Well suprisingly, it is what it is! In her post Regine said that he has “utang” (debt) from Nate and this smart little man already had something in mind how he will make “singil” (recover the money) from Regine.

Read the cute story below.


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So last night umutang ako ko ng 1000 kay Nate ( by the way ito pa yung pera nya na naipon nya last Christmas last graduation and birthday oh at yung mga alkansya nya.) pero actually may utang na akong 2000 sa kanya. Last night I had a massage and didn’t have cash so I ask his Nana for 1000. Nana said to him Boo 3000 na ang utang ni mommy sayo. He said what??!!! Then he started writing 👆🏻and said to me so mom your utang to me is 3000 right? eh I was going in and out of conciseness coz I was so tired then he continued but you have to pay me 4,600 ok?? At bilang wala ako sa wastong wawa oo ako ng oo. Tapos habang kinakausap nya ako lista sya ng lista basta daw I have to pay him 4,600 yan daw utang ko. Tapos finally nung natapos na yung masahe ko at bumalik na ko uli sa lupa, pinaalala nya uli that I need to pay him. Then he said but you know if you like you can pay 1000 first ok tomorrow then the rest some other time na. Then he asked me oh mom can you also give me money on Christmas? So I said ha why? He said well that would be one of my gifts this Christmas. Eh I was doing something so he said ok let’s talk about how much you and daddy will give me this Christmas ok??.. Umalis sandali tapos bumalik at nung nakita nya na medyo relax na ako, he said oh mom let’s talk about how much money you and daddy will give me this Christmas so how much mom???!!!! I said 2000 and said ha??!! Yah 2000 then I ask him why do you need money ba? He sai because I need to reach then gave certain amount. Then I said but what will you do with that much money are you giving that to me then he was quite for a minute then said YES I will give it to you mom but I have to reach it first. 😂😂😂 itong anak ko pwedeng negosyante eh……. Payb six (5-6) 😂😂😂 #kwentongnanay #ibarineh #BoodulBoodul

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