Regine Velasquez – Yeng Constantino duet in ASAP

Here is the awaited Regine Velasquez – Yeng Constantino duet.

In today’s ASAP episode, Asia’s Songbird and Pinoy Dream Academy winner shared the stage to sing a medley of “Ikaw” .

Yes, coincidentally Regine and Yeng have the same title of song. Both “Ikaw” are now considered as popular wedding songs,

Regine’s “Ikaw” was originally sang by Basil Valdez. The melody of the song was composed by Louie Ocampo,while the lyrics were written by George Canseco. Megastar Sharon Cuneta also had her version of “Ikaw”.

On the other hand Yeng’s “Ikaw” is was released in 2014 from her
All About Love album. She herself wrote the lyrics. The music video of Yeng’s “Ikaw” became an her unofficial prenuptial video with her Yan Asuncion, who is now her husband for almost two years.

Many fans and followers of the two singers have clamored for a Regine Velasquez – Yeng Constantino duet.

After the performance, Yeng was truly in cloud nine as evidenced by her IG post.

Watch the full performance video below.

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