Resorts World gunman, ex-gov’t employee with million debt

In a press briefing at a hotel in Pasay,  National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) Director Oscar Albayalde presented the identity of Resorts World gunman.

The suspect’s relatives helped to identify Jessie Carlos, 42 years-old. He was a resident of Sta. Cruz in Manila,  and had two daughters. Present in the press briefing was Carlos’ parents  Fernando and Teodora.

It was established that Carlos used work at Department of Finance’s One Stop Shop. He was relieved of his job in DOF due to for misdeclaration and non-disclosure in his Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth.

Carlos, the Resorts World gunman was said to also have millions of debt in bank and non-bank loans.

Highroller siya, his minimum bet is usually P40,000 kaya siya nalulong nang nalulong sa sugal…He has a bank account with an outstanding debt of P4 million, and several other non-bank related debt,” Albayalde said in his statement to the press.

Aside from his financial dilemma, Carlos had issues with his relationship with his wife and parents. He also sold his vehicle and real estate property in the province.

Abayalde confirmed that Carlos’ relatives made an action last April to contril his addiction with gambling. They requested Carlos to be banned from casinos including Resorts World.

This could have probably triggered him kaya galit na galit siya sa (and that is why he was enraged with) casino,” he said.

In the presentation, the CCTV footage of Carlos buying 3 liter of gasoline before riding a taxi going to Resorts world was also presented.

There were 37 casualties in the Resorts World attack that happened last Friday, June 2 past 12 a.m . Carlos was armed with an M14 assault rifle and fired shots at the casino’s ceiling and burned  slot machines and gambling tables. CCTV footages also showed Carlos stealing P113 million worth of casino chips. Security officers chased him inside Resorts World, until he reached the 5th floor of Maxim’s Hotel. Carlos set Room 501 on fire and shot himself.

Resorts World gunman



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