Road Accident: SUV fell from Skyway

Fresh from Top Gear is a photo of a terrible accident wherein an SUV fell from Skyway.

The caption reads: “Again?! From Jo Anne Naoe: “Hi, Top Gear. This was taken at 9pm tonight. A white SUV fell off the Skyway, on service road in Bicutan tenement.”

SUV fell from Skyway
Source: Top Gear Philippines

In the comments, the vehicle was identified as a white Mitsubishi Montero.

There were exchanges of opinions on possible reasons why this SUV fell from Skyway.  Common issues were mentioned like driver error, low railings and road issues . However there is one thing that netizens pointed out that may sound new and compelling- the wind blowing while driving Skyway.

Here are some interesting testimonies shared by Top gear followers.

Don’t you all realize it’s almost the same spot!!! Think people!!! Until they don’t fix the slopes in the skyway even if your on the speed limit there will still be accidents like this. This is called a tail whip accident or others call it hydroplane! Look it up!!! This is a concern to us all! Specially with people with suv or trucks, cause we have a long body and light rear end. Either fix the road or put heavy loads in your trunk so that it will balance the car out.” -Tony Stark

The railings are too low, secondly this is an elevated road where high wind (cross wind) is stronger than below, cross wind on high speed (even at 100km/hr) is dangerous on slippery road, it can affect your steering, it can even spin the car or even lift it, another cause will be the drag when you ride along side or overtake a bus or truck…I don’t see any cross wind warning sa skyway or even hiways natin, sa ibang bansa po meron, kaya nga ginagamit sa mga airport yan, dahil even sa mga eropalno delikado, its an open area facing the laguna lake, kaya sigurado may nalaks na crosswind na nabubuo” –Out Gear Tactical

I’ve noticed my car driving wobbly at even 100k/hr on a section of the skyway southbound. Drove a different car same section, same speed, same problem. So there is a problem on the road itself.” Sweeney Teng

I’m working on Skyway i guess on the wind itself if your driving on the Souhtbound or even northbound. having 100kph better low it.. sometime there’s a strong wind that will push your car away by side.. i’ve experience it.. i did was i didn’t step on gas but my speed was 80kph below” –Mark-Anthony Navarro

Madalas akong dumaan dito bet bicutan at sucat ang parteng yan malakas ang crosswind lalu kung mataas ang ground clearance ng sasakyan mo babalyahin yan.” –Jun Ante Jacob

Crosswind in the skyway is terrible, sedan or SUV… More than a handful of times have I been scared by it” – Martin Tupaz

ng experinece ko dyan is yung wind blowing on your car when speeding at 100kph. Better drive at 70kph when driving sa skyway especially northbound. And drive at inner lane.” –Jay-ar Baribad

when in doubt , maintain speed of 80kph. drivung 100kph during windy condition on skyway, you can already feel the car is not that stable. reducing the speed will help” -Clemente Te

Most observations are correct. Yung crosswind can definitely alter yung course ng takbo ng sasakyan especially if youre going over 100 kph. Experienced mit myself a couple of times. Best to reduce speed para ma control mo yung steering wheel lalo na if your vehicle ay mataas ang road clearance.” -Watts Rome

There here are suggestions in the thread on this wind-blowing phenomenon.

Sa mga skyway kasi talaga dapat may wind barrier. Satin lang tlga ganyan. Sa ibang bansa meron lhat nun. Kala ko nga para ndi maingay ung kotse sa mga katapat na condo un, para sa hangin pala tlga un. Manipis lang un pero matibay. Im not sure pero parang gawa sa carbon fiber” -Jez Ignacio

Try nyo bukas lahat ng bintana sa parte dyan kung gano kalakas ang hampas ng hangin pero stable ang takbo mo at deretso lang…halos araw-araw ang daan ko dyan.” –Jun Ante Jacob

“… putting higher barrier will help, and they also must put warning appatatus for driver to see if there is a presence of high cross wind…yun po yung orange or yellow na lobo daw na hugis cone sa mga airports, elevated ang skyway facing the laguna lake (open lake), it can form a strong crosswind to lift or spin your car on slippery road or high speed” –Out Gear Tactical

What happened to the driver/passenger after this SUV fell from Skyway?

A comment from Benz Dayao stated- “The patient is alive and conscious and was brought to hospital. One of our ambulance responded to this incident.”

To read more and engage in the conversation, you may visit the thread here.



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