Ronnie Ricketts guilty with graft according to Sandiganbayan decision

Ronnie Ricketts was convicted by Sandiganbayan last Friday, March 15, 2019.

In a article, it was stated that this is for the graft case the Ex- OMB chairman was charged for the anomaly that he got involved when he was still with the Optical Media Board.

Last May 27, 2010 a raid was conducted by OMB operatives with Ronnie Ricketts in Quiapo, Manila. There were a total of 127 boxes and 2 sacks of pirated DVDs at VCDs that were confiscated from Sky High Marketing Corporation.

It was said that the confiscated DVDs and VCDs  were all brought to the OMB office. However, allegedly, these were loaded and transported in an elf truck owned by Sky High Marketing Corporation.

There were witnesses who stated that it was former actor Ronnie Ricketts who ordered it without approved gate pass.

The Fourth Division of Sandiganbayan convicted Ronnie Ricketts of imprisonment of six to eight years and the “perpetual disqualification from holding public office”  .

Aside from ex-OMB chairman, former head of Enforcement and Inspection Division (EID) Glenn Perez was also accused. Both EID head Manuel Mangubat and investigation agent named Joseph Arnaldo who were also charged were acquitted.

The case is bailable, thus the accused parties will not be arrested until the decision is final and executory.

Meanwhile, no statement yes has been given by the convicted individuals.

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