Sandra Mae Magalang Top 3 in Bar Exam 2014 – “My life was changed by His Oplan Sagip Mata”

Who would have thought that DOH Secretary Juan Flavier’s  “Oplan Sagip Mata”  program that helped to save and correct the eyesight of vision-impaired Filipinos, would be an answered prayer to one of the thousands of anonymous children the program has touched  and who after two decades would become the 3rd topnotcher in the 2014 Bar Exams.

Sandra Mae Magalang, Class Salutatorian of the UP College of Law Class of 2014, was this one of the nameless beneficiaries of Oplan Sagip Mata and now a  topnotcher in the recently released bar exam results.

Sandra Mae Magalang

This is not this  first time that her name cropped up in the news.

Last November 2014, Sandra Mae Magalang had her 15 minutes of fame because of a note she wrote on the guest book of former Health Secretary Juan Flavier’s wake that made many fellow Filipino cry.

The former barrio doctor’s youngest son James, was so moved by the letter that he snapped a picture of it and posted it on his Facebook page.

The post was accompanied by an introductory note form him saying:

“Dad is a person who touched the lives of many. They quitely arrived at dad’s wake, spent a few moments by his side and just as quitely left. One of them left this note in the guest book.”

Sandra Mae Magalang letter to Juan Flavier

The letter read:

To the family and loved ones of Dr. Flavier,

I apologize for writing at the back of this guest list, but this is the only way I can think of to convey my gratitude to your family and to Dr. Flavier.

My life was changed by his Oplan Sagip Mata almost 20 years ago, and thanks to this great man I was able to live differently despite being born cross-eyed and poor. Without him, I could not have achieved the honors I have achieved, and his health programs have helped me reach places I never thought I would. I even graduated summa cum laude from this university, and this is all thanks to your great father/grandfather/loved one.

Thank you, and my deepest condolences.


Sandra Magalang, UP Diliman 2010, 2014

“Oplan Sagip Mata” was launched in response to the massive number of Filipino children who lose vision every week – and more often than not, it could have been prevented if they had access to proper medical care.

Sandra Mae Magalang, who described herself as poor in her note, would have been part of that statistic .
Instead, by the grace of good governance and pro-people policies, her odds improved.

Now because of Oplan Sagip Mata , Sandra Mae Magalang has eyes shining proudly for being part of an honorable statistic as 3rd topnotcher in the 2014 Bar Exams.

The identity of Sandra Magalang was confirmed by UP Law Professor JJ Disni who confirmed that Magalang is the Salutatorian of UP Law, 2014.

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