A Warning vs companies allegedly involved in Pyramiding Scam

A concerned netizen has issued a warning against companies allegedly involved in Pyramiding Scam by sharing on his Facebook wall a list of  these companies.

(Disclaimer: The list presented here is just based on the information supplied by the netizen whose source he did not identify in his Facebook post.  Iweb.ph has no direct access to the source of the said information.)

Pyramiding Scam SEC Company List

He said in his warning, “Mga IGAN, ang thread na ito ay gagawin kong listahan ng mga companies na tagged as SCAM. Iwasan nyong sumali sa mga ito mga IGAN. Mag invest lang po tayo sa legal, okay?” (Friends, I am going to make a list of companies tagged as scam in this thread. Avoid investing in any of these companies. Make sure that you put your money in legitimate businesses/companies, okay?)

Among the companies allegedly involved in Pyramiding Scam include:

  • Bagong Lahing Filipino Development Foundation Inc.
  • Emgoldex (They changed their name to Global Intergold)
  • GoldXtreme Trading Co.
  • HPI (Hyper Program International)
  • IronFX (FOREX Scam din ito)
  • J79 Galore Online Marketing
  • Metisetrade (FOREX Scam. It is not only networking businesses that are involved in scams.)
  • NBO Global (New Business Opportunity)
  • OLC (One Lightning Corp)
  • One Dream Global (New Scam in Batangas.)
  • SWA (Supreme Wealth Alliance)
  • Success 200 (New Advisory from SEC)
  • Upwarm.biz

The Netizen also shared a link to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) website containing the complete list of companies (See link here) that were issued temporary and permanent Cease and Desist Order (CDO’s) by the agency in the last eighteen years.

Pyramiding Scam SEC Company List

Moreover, he also called on the public to help identify other companies involved in financial fraud by posting on his Facebook thread. He cited Emgoldex a.k.a. Global Intergold and GoldXtreme Trading Co. as the latest examples of companies tagged by the SEC and warned everyone to be always cautious in putting their money in dubious investment pyramiding scam schemes.

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