Sen. Nancy Binay makes fun of “The Nuncy” meme

In time for the upcoming Halloween, Sen. Nancy Binay made fun of “The Nuncy” meme.

The lady senator shared a post in her IG account (@senatornancybinay) where she posed with a movie poster that had her photo in it.

The said poster was inspired by the blockbuster horror movie “The Nun”, and showed an edited photo of the movie’s terrifying character Valak. Half of the photo resembled Valak, while the other half was that of Sen. Nancy Binay.

As we all know, Senator Nancy Binay was often teased for her skin color.

But instead of getting offended or annoyed, the lady senator showed how sport she is with this “The Nuncy” meme.

She even added to the humor by saying – “Pag may black, may #Valak.” and “Teka, bakit ang puti ko rito?! “

Here is the full post.




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