Senate approves Bill No. 1571 or “Alternative Working Arrangement Bill”

Today was the 3rd and final reading of Senate Bill No. 1571 or the “Alternative Working Arrangement Bill”. Senate members has approved the bill with 17 affirmative votes and no negative votes.

This bill aims to amend the Article 83 of the Labor Code , which states that
the normal hours of work of any employee shall not exceed eight (8) hours a day “.

With the proposed Senate Bill No. 1571 or the “Alternative Working Arrangement Bill”, workers/employees can now enjoy alternative working hours, which shall not exceed 48 hours a week. Moreover, there will be no deduction on the employees existing benefits and benefits.

Senator Joel Villanueva , chairman of the Senate Committee on Labor, Employment and Human Resources Development is the author and sponsor of this bill.

“As I always say, we are now in the age of robotics, the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0. Today, work need not be confined in a certain place or office. Work need not happen at the same time. Work can be done remotely,”  he said.

The senator cited that some companies have implemented unconventional working schemes like flexitime, 4 days work week or compressed work week , and work from home.

He believes that the Alternative Working Arrangement Bill will be beneficial both to the employers ans its employees.

At the part of the employer, it would allow reducing operational expenses. On the other hand it will promote work-life balance for the workers.

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