Shane Ericks, the Filipina Karen Carpenter

It will be truly nostalgic to hear Shane Ericks sing!

Shane EricksIf you are a Carpenters fan, then wait ’til this pretty lady show her vocals. As we all know, Karen Carpenter had this low-key but very unique and soothing voice. Well, this is what Shane Ericks exactly has. As one netizen said, close your eyes while listening and you’ll hear the famous late singer of the 80’s Karen.

Without any doubts, Shane Ericks has all the rights to be dubbed as the Filipina Karen Carpenter.

In her FB account, it says that she is a singer-songwriter. She hails from Greenville, South Carolina, but is also from Malolos, Bulacan here in the Philippines.

She has done covers for two Carpenter songs , namely “Love me for what I am” and “I Need To Be In Love”. Both had guitar accompaniment, which made her performance more dramatic.

Shane has her own YouTube channel where her other performances are uploaded. She also sang covers for modern songs like Counting Stars, If I Ain’t Got You , and Say Something. Then there is also a gospel songsĀ  titled ” Your Love is Enough” .

In 2016, she visited the Philippines . She was contestant for ABS-CBN’s Global Pinoy Singing Idol.


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