Sharon Cuneta reacts on ‘Sharon-Gabby film’ postponement

The most awaited ‘Sharon-Gabby film’ will be put on hold.

Yes, according to reports, it was on Thursday night that the Megastar herself that confirms the news that the reunion project, ‘Sharon-Gabby film’ will be postponed due to scheduling conflicts.

Last December, it was reported that Star Cinema announced the reunion project of Sharon and Gabby. The Sharon-Gabby film is supposedly be under Star Cinema, which would have been their first movie since 1992’s “Tayong Dalawa.” (Read: Sharon-Gabby reunion project confirmed)

In her Facebook Page, the Megastar apologized to all her fans who was expecting the Sharon-Gabby film comeback.

The post was captioned as: “Thanks for all your prayers and I am sorry it’s not pushing through,” Sharon wrote.

But she was urging her fans to be happy for her, stressing that although the Sharon-Gabby reunion movie is on hold,  she will soon have a new movie project.

“But please be happy for me — because I am very happy with my new project which Star Cinema is now preparing! God bless us all. Good night and love you guys!,” Cuneta added

Reported on the other hand, Gabby Concepcion on Thursday also released a statement through ABS-CBN News’ Mario Dumaual.

Gabby’s statement was written as follows: “Gabby Concepcion has always wanted to do a movie with Sharon Cuneta. However due to his tight schedule and current commitments it will not be possible anytime soon. We will study our option in 2018.”

Further, regarding the alleged postponement, it seemed that Sharon has been asked in last month’s interview if her reunion project with Gabby will push through wherein she has not given a direct answer.

She however said that she’s waiting for Star Cinema’s go signal before she begins filming her comeback movie, which is slated for a May release.

Stressing that if she would have it her way, she would still want a movie with Concepcion for their fans.



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