Silverback Gorilla unexpectedly gives birth

Zoologist thought the Silverback Gorilla is fat and infertile but miracles do happen as the gorilla unexpectedly gave birth to her first healthy baby.

Yes, Shinda, the Silverback gorilla surprised zoologists at a zoo in Prague over the weekend when she went into labor!

Silverback Gorilla

The new mother can be seen lounging in the exhibit with her newborn resting on her chest. She even piles hay together to make a bed so that the unnamed baby can be more comfortable as it’s fed.

The manager of the zoo, Misoslav Bobek said he received a call Saturday morning informing him that Shinda went to labor. “Not only did we not know about Shinda’s pregnancy, but mainly, we gave up hope that she could have a baby,” Bobek wrote in a blog, as translated from Czech.

Bobek also wrote that the zoo thought Shinda was infertile over a decade. She got pregnant since the diagnosis but miscarried.

Shinda, Silverback Gorilla,  was also fat and overweight since her transfer to the Prague Zoo, and zoologists thought her swollen belly was a sign she was fat not pregnant.

Despite the delightment of the zoo for the 25-year-old gorilla to become a mother, they got worried that the baby gorilla might be born unhealthy due to stress.

But Shinda just gave birth to a healthy baby gorilla. This was the message that Bobek received after almost four hours after finding out that Shinda was having a baby:  “Shinda had just given birth. The baby is well, and we saw movement and heard crying”.

And by late afternoon  at the Prague Zoo, Bobek confirmed that the unnamed baby is perfectly healthy.

The silverback male in her tribe has had offspring with other female gorillas, but this new addition to the Czech Republic zoo will be the first for Shinda.

“I do not want to jinx it,” Bobek wrote, “but it seems that miracles can happen.”

The unexpected labor of Shinda, the Silverback Gorilla caused the gorilla exhibit to close but the zoo further announced that the  exhibit reopened the following day so that the gorilla family can return to its normal routine.

Silverback Gorilla



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