Singer Joey Albert fights cancer once more

Joey Albert cancer

Singer Joey Albert faces malady anew. An FB post in her fanpage confirmed that Joey Albert fights cancer again.

Joey Albert's colon cancer The post reads:
Dear friends of Joey,
On January 28, 2015, Joey’s medical tests confirmed that her colon cancer had recurred. Please join us, her facebook administrative team, in praying for her successful surgery tomorrow, March 27th. Let’s claim another victory over cancer for our beloved Joey!  Thank you,Admin


According to the post,  Joey Albert’s colon cancer came back.

On March 28, singer her daughter Trixie Pacis posted a good news about the surgery for Joey Albert’s colon cancer.

Joey Albert's colon cancer

This is actually the 3rd time that Joey Albert fights cancer.

Earlier in 1995, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer, which got in the way of her career. A Maalaala Mo Kaya episode in 2004 was actually aired to feature Joey Albert’s cervical cancer struggle. The story unveiled that singer’s family history with cancer. Colon cancer struck her father who passed away 1982 and 3 yrs after her sister Anna had the same fate. Actress Vina Morales played the role for the singer and was joined by veteran actress Alicia Alonzo as the mother Letty .  Yayo Aguila and Angel Jacob were essayed as Joey’s sisters Anna and Marissa.

Unfortunately 8 yrs after another  cancer inflicted the singer. In 2003 , Joey Albert’s colon cancer was first detected and on the same year she had a surgery.  She also underwent chemotherapy and recovered.

Since 1994, Albert has been residing in Vancouver, British Columbia She is married to Vicente Pacis III and had two children.



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