Six Philippine Science students banned from graduation for circulating obscene photos

Six Philippine Science students will not be able to attend their graduation rites scheduled tomorrow, May 29.

According to news reports, an insider source has divulged this information.

The Philippine Science High School (PSHS) board of trustees has decided to bar the said students for allegedly circulating lewd photos of other Philippine Science female students without their consent.

Complaint was filed by the victims which stated that their nude photos were shared as a “pass” by these male students in order to view other obscene photos. This unethical act was said to have been happening since 2017.

The case was investigated and  two school committees decision recommended disciplinary action against the male students and for them to be prevented from attending graduation rites.

However, the PSHS ( The Philippine Science High School) board of trustees did not side with the decision of the two school committees.

Parents, students and some faculty members and alumni of PSHS was displeased of the board’s stand. They gathered and held a rally at the
PSHS main campus last May 24, Thursday. The protesters also demanded that the perpetrators also be charged for violating Cybercrime Prevention Act .

Yesterday, PSHS board of directors released a statement in their Facebook page. It stated that they “acknowledge the feedback of the community”.

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