SM North Suicide: Pregnant Woman jumps off

Another incident of SM North suicide was reported today.

According to news report an unidentified pregnant woman jumped off from the 4th floor of SM Annex. The incident was said to have happened around 12 noon.

In a report by RMN news, Col. Lito Mantala station Commander of QCPD Station 2 confirmed this SM North suicide incident.

It was said that the woman bought a monoblock chair from a hardware store . She used the said chair to climb the barrier.

The woman fell from the 4th floor and landed in the middle of a food stall. Luckily the lady attendant of the food stall was not hit and was unharmed.

Initial investigation of the QCPD (Quezon City Police District) authorities say that allegedly a family problem may have triggered the suicide act. Witnesses stated that the woman was seen with her family (husband and child) before she ended her life.

QCPD will continue their investigation to determine if there is no foul play in this incident.

There were videos in Youtube showing the aftermath of what happened. It will be seen that SM North guards secured the area where the woman fell. The woman was wearing a gray shirt and blue leggings.

Here are some of the videos.




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