Smart and Facebook partners for : Free Internet access for the Filipinos

Smart Communications who partnered with Facebook announced a breakthrough app called the

This app, aims to provide free Internet access to Filipinos.

While  we have a thriving population of mobile users in the Philippines, not all are connected to the Internet because postpaid plans that offer mobile data services are not actually cheap. Sure there are options to avail of internet surfing or Facebook promos, but the growing need and want to access the internet daily will just push consumers to spend and end up with bulked up costs.

Now with , Smart Communications president and CEO Napoleon Nazareno said during the  launch that the app will  allow subscribers of Talk ‘N Text and other brands such as Smart and Sun will be able to use mobile Internet services without data charges . He explains further that “Smart’s partnership with Facebook is a big boost to our ‘Internet for All’ campaign, an advocacy we have been strongly pushing for. By launching app with Facebook in the Philippines, we are making useful information within reach of millions of Filipinos,”

Isn’t this smart and sweet?

Now equally touching is Facebook CEO Marks Zuckerberg’s statement in his Facebook account  -“We’re one step closer to connecting the world as we launched in the Philippines. Now everyone in the country can have free access to Internet services for health, education, jobs and communication on the Smart network,” he said.
With his comments was a picture of a woman in a tricycle holding a celphone. Zuckerberg described this as “Here’s a photo of Jaime, a driver in Manila who uses Facebook and the internet to stay in touch with loved ones who moved to Dubai.

In line with  Zuckerberg’s mission for launching this app, here are the sites that can be accessed using

For general information: ,,, WikiHow and Wikipedia

For news: ,, ESPN & (Sports)

For weather updates: Accuweather, RainCheckPH

Other useful sites: 

  • Wattpad – online reading and writing platform 
  •  – for Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA)  trainings and programs
  • Jobstreet  – for job opportunities
  • – for business and trade

As the app was conceptualized by Facebook, FB is included in the sites that can be accessed and FB Messenger can also be used for online messaging. The app can be downloaded using smartphones (e.g Google Playstore) . If using  a mobile browser ,  user can access . will be distributed by Smart Telecommunications in 24 mobile sites. Philippines is the 1st country in Southeast Asia to experience this app, but it is expected to expand as what Zuckerberg has earlier mentioned as to why this app was created – “to make mobile Internet services available to two-thirds of the world who are not yet connected“.




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