Funny SONA Video: Duterte makes face at De Lima shake hands

A funny moment was captured in SONA today where allegedly Duterte makes face at De Lima. It was the scene where President Duterte was walking towards his spot at the Senate.

Along the way, he shook hands with attendees. He has actually walked past De Lima but was probably called out or signaled  that’s why he made a quick turn to reach out the hand of Sec. De Lima. They shook hands very quick and Pres. Duterte resumed his walk. But the camera did not miss seizing the moment where

But just a few seconds after their encounter,  Duterte makes face at De Lima encounter which the camera did not miss.

This video made it to the talk of the cyberspace, since as we all know these two had their share of rifts and spins because of conflicting opinions.

The Duterte-De Lima bitter-sweet relationship began in 2015. At that time, De Lima was hurling criticisms towards Duterte in relation to his admission of being involved in the Davao Death Squad. Duterte fired back saying De Lima is using him for her political ambitions.

Now that Duterte has levelled-up from Mayor to President, De Lima has come back and hits Duterte with extra-judicial killings issue. Duterte did not remain silent and linked De Lima to a high profile druglord in Bilibid.

Here’s the full video.

Duterte makes face at De lima



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