Song response to the alleged Andrea Brillantes video hits online

An artist named Latigo Rapper and his song response to the alleged Andrea Brillantes video titled “SCANDAL WAG IPASA,” is starting to steer attention of netizens.

Uploaded a day after the sensational news was publicized, the Youtube video is now running at 50,000 plus views.

song response to the alleged Andrea Brillantes video

Ok some may raise their eyebrows on this for it sounded like this Latigo Rapper is just adding fuel to the fire. As we recall, some concerned netizens have already rallied online to stop spreading the video (Read: Netizens cry #RespectAndreaBrilliantes amidst Andrea Brillantes video scandal ) .

But before we toss out any judgment or violent reaction , let’s read first the caption of this song response to the alleged Andrea Brillantes video that says –

This is NOT just about the issue of the ALLEGED Andrea Brillantes video but all other similar videos . I want to put a STOP to this malicious practice of spreading private videos and, in my opinion, sharing my views via this song is the most effective way. Keeping silent so people won’t be reminded is also good but, considering how loud this thing already is, I’m just not so sure if it’s the most efficient method. Further, I’m also inspired by what my Alma Mater did a few years ago wherein they confronted a similar issue in a direct and quite aggressive manner instead of just keeping mum. Despite of the differences, I respect everyone’s opinion. After all, the main message of this song is RESPECT.” #RespectAndreaBrillantes

Still not convinced ?

Then here’s the “non-commercial” video of  Latigo Rapper’s “SCANDAL WAG IPASA.” 

Listen, enjoy and feel free to react!


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