Steamy JaDine movie teaser released

Here’s a first look of JaDine movie titled “Never Not Love You” . Viva Entertainment had released the teaser in Youtube.

The caption reads- “Two young lovers meet and fall in love. Together they build a life until career opportunities bring them out of the country. Out of the comforts of home and with individual careers going different directions. Will their love survive?”

It starts with Nadine getting a tattoo. The words “you and me”  was inked by James in her right arm. James in turn gets a tattoo too in tagalog version -“ikaw at ako.”

Next scenes in this  more than two minutes JaDine movie teaser showed real-life sweethearts getting really romantic and steamy.

Especially towards the end!

The film is directed by Blockbuster Director Antoinette Jadaone  , who was also behind the successful “Tadhana” movie.

In recent news, it was said that the Director Jadaone, Nadine and James flew to London to shoot some scenes for the movie.

This movie became controversial a few months ago when reports came out about a rift that happened between  Director Jadaone and JaDine loveteam. Reports said that shooting of the movie were cancelled because allegedly James was “no show” because of his hangover. It was said that James went drinking in a bar a day before the shooting.

Release date for this first JaDine movie 2018 is yet to be released.



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