Stephen Speaks vocalist sings in a Cebu Pacific flight

Stephen Speaks vocalist Rockwell Ryan Ripperger  gave Cebu Pacific passengers a memorable flight really worth remembering! Aboard a plane and 10,000 up the air, Ryan played his guitar and sang their band’s  2000 hit “Passenger Seat”.

A flight stewardess made the introduction and said that it was a “post-valentine serenade that will make you fall in-love again”.

There was no microphone on the board so Rockwell had to speak via the intercom handset. “I’m trying to sing as loud as I can so you can hear at the back. This is the first time I’ve ever sung in a plane,”  he said.

Raw and live Rockwell sang an acoustic version of the song.

While singing shrieks and clapping from the audience will be heard on the background. Almost everyone in the plane had their phone recording to capture this rare moment.

The audience applauded when Rockwell finished the song. One of them even said “more! more!

As of writing the video has been viewed more than 200k times.

Earlier this month, Stephen Speaks played at the Playback Music Festival held in Makati.

Stephen Speaks is  is an American acoustic/pop rock band founded in 1999. Aside from “Passenger Seat”, their song “Out of my League” was also well-received .




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