Student involved in Ateneo bullying incident dismissed from school

Ateneo de Manila University has released their official statement on the decision made regarding the Ateneo bullying incident.

The decision was posted in their official Facebook account (@ateneodemanila).

According to the statement, “After a thorough investigation that included listening to all parties involved, the decision of the administration is to impose the penalty of DISMISSAL on the student caught bullying another student in the comfort room of the school,” . 

In first statement, University President Fr. Jose Ramon T. Villarin,SJ expressed that their Discipline Committee will not take the incident lightly. (Read: University President release official statement on alleged Ateneo bullying video) . An update was provided last Thursday stating that they have met with the families of the students and will soon come-up with a decision that will be shared with the community.

Recently this Ateneo bullying incident caught the attention of many netizens, including DepEd (Department of Education), , some senators and even CHR (Commission on Human Rights).

The student involved was identifies as Joaquin Montes, a junior highschool student an a taekwondo player. Other videos of him engaging into a physical fight surfaced after this incident.

A video of his brother Diego Montes, also a teakwondo player came out of social media where he was seen having an altercation with a group of uys. (Read: Video of Diego Montes, brother of student allegedly involved in Ateneo bullying incident goes viral)

Here is the full statement:



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