Viral: SuperMarket Employee Injects water in Chicken

Viral online is a video of a supermarket employee caught in the act of allegedly injecting water in fresh , whole chicken.

The video was said to be taken from a major supermarket.

The caption reads -“SM Hyper market paano nyo ipapaliwanag to ? Kaya pala ang taba ng manok pag binili at mabigat ang timbang. pag pinakuluan puro tubig nalang ang laman. Akala ko pa naman sa China lang ginagawa yan. Sige inject pa more !!

Here’s the reason why I don’t buy Chicken at SM┬áHypermarket. They inject the chicken meat with water.”

In the comment thread of this FB post, the said SuperMarket employee came forward and gave an explanation.

Nemuel Detecio said that the he is from the company the sells roasted chicken is supermarkets. He explained that he was not injecting water in the chicken to make it heavy, as the post described. Detecio described it as a marination process that will make the chicken more tastier.

Now this statement has sparked a debate among netizens . Some believed in Detecio, agreeing that it is one way of marinating a chicken. While some said that it was seen in the video that the faucet was open, and it is where he was sourcing the water into the syringe.

The said supermarket was allegedly SM Hypermarket.

Here’s the full video.

supermarket employee injects chicken

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