Suspect arrested in the viral Laguna child abuse video

Suspect involved in the Laguna child abuse video was arrested by police authorities.

Many were shocked when a video of a man beating a child circulated online. In the said video, it will be seen that an adult man placed the child upside down, hanging from the window grills. And things got worse when he started slapping the child.

Masaya ang mommy mo sa bisyo niya” was what the man repeatedly said while hurting the child.

According to news reports , this incident happened in last December 18 in
Sta. Rosa, Laguna . The suspect was identified as Melvin Caro Batitis, a tricycle driver and the father of the 4-year old boy victim.

The suspect sent the Laguna child abuse video to the mother of the child, who asked help from her family to rescue her son.

When the suspect was interviewed by the authorities about the incident, he said that he was blackmailing his wife. He further stated that his wife went home to IloIlo . It came to his knowledge that his wife is cohabiting with another man and have no plans to come back. He also admitted that he was drunk when the abuse happened.

The suspect was apologetic and regretted his actions.

The mother of the victim is not planning to file a case. However CSWD stated (City Social Welfare and Development) stated that they will file a child abuse case against the father and would have him undergo drug test. They will also investigate if the mother should face charges too.

The victim was turned over to an NGO for rehabilitation and therapy.

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