“Rocky” star Sylvester Stallone visits Pacquiao

The 70-year old Hollywood action star Sylvester Stallone visited his friend Manny Pacquiao in one of his sparring sessions . It was Pacquiao’s preparation for the Jesse Vargas bout for the World Boxing Organisation welterweight crown.

Though it was supposed to be a closed-door session, there was no stopping Stallone from entering the Wild Card Gym Saturday afternoon. He was one lucky spectator on Pacquiao’s sparring session  with Ray Beltran for six rounds.

As always, Stallone was impressed with how Pacquiao dominated his partner.

The best (fighter) ever. He is the best in the last 60 to 70 years,” Stallone said to Sports Unlimited reporter Dyan Castillejo.

Better than Rocky Balboa.” he added.

Coming from Sylvester Stallone himself, a superstar legend of hit movies like the “Rocky” series and “Rambo”, this was indeed a supreme compliment.

At 70,  Stallone has maintained his barreled chest and well-toned muscles.  Early this year, he reprised his role Rocky Balboa in the boxing blockbuster, Creed.

During the promotion of this movie, Stallone has already proven that he is indeed a Pacquiao fan. In an interview , when asked to reveal his favourite fighters, Pacquiao was the first name he mentioned.

I still think Manny Pacquiao is a great, great fighter,” he said that time.

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