Taylor Swift in a McDonald’s TV Ad?



With more than 19 million views, this Taylor Swift McDonald’s TV Ad ad is climbing up the “sensation” status.

This McDo TV ad shows female Ronald McDonald version. The yellow hand, red hair, red and white stripes , and red shoes are present, but this female Ronald McDonald is sassy fashionista one.

Drop that curly-puffy hair, baggy jumpsuit and oversized shoes, this model fashions a straight hair, yellow gloves, sexy blouse & skirt, and and a red ankle boots.

So what’s more special with this video? Well watch the video you’ll know why millions of Taylor Swift fans love this.

Surely this McDonald’s TV ad is really exciting with the most popular country-pop singer Taylor Swift in it right?

But here’s a spoiler.  This Taylor Swift McDonald’s TV Ad is actually a Japanese McDonald’s TV Commercial dated way back 2006!

Moreover, the model is just a presumed “Taylor Swift Look Alike” . She is  Agota Varga, a Hungarian model.

Here are more images that no doubt will prove that Agota would pass as a Taylor Swift double. The last picture is definitely mind-blowing !

Taylor Swift Look Alike

Look at their striking eyes!


Taylor Swift Look Alike

Now this is odd.. was it just a coincidence?

Taylor Swift Look Alike



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