Terrence Romeo speaks-up on alleged fight in QC bar

Gilas player Terrence Romeo became a trending topic early Thursday for allegedly being involved in a brawl in a bar.

A black & white CCTV footage of what happened inside a bar n Tomas Morato circulated online. It was reported that a fan approached Terrence for a photo op. However, one of the members of  the Gilas player’s camp violently pushed the fan away. This was followed by a rumble where several guys will be seen attacking each other.

Another video surfaced showing a woman in gray dress was shouting foul words towards Terrence. It will also be seen that the latter was escorted by the authorities and went aboard a vehicle.

When Terrence Romeo was interviewed by the media while being escorted by the police, he said that the CCTV footage must be watched first before accusations can be made.

In his Twitter account, he posted that he was not held in the precinct and was able to come home.

Here are the said videos of this Terrence Romeo QC incident:

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