The Janine Berdin MOR challenge – “Sing the Situation”

Janine Berdin MOR challenge is another proof that this “Tawag ng Tanghalan” grand champion is indeed worthy of her newly earned title!

Janine guested in ABS-CBN’s FM station MOR 101.9 and took the “Sing the Situation” challenge. At the start of the video that was uploaded in MOR’s official Youtube channel, Janine had the chance to greet and thank her followers.

DJ Eva Ronda gave her five situations and Janine must sing a few parts of the song that she thinks would fit the scenario.

First scenario was being stuck in traffic in EDSA. The “Cadets My girl of Cebu” said that since it’s a stressful situation she chose something that would cool down the stress level.

Situation no. 2 is about one rainy afternoon, in which Janie sang a Cueshe song. As we all know, this TNT grand champion seems to love alternative OPM songs.

The third situation was quite odd as it is about being starved and still Janine was able to answer very quick. She chose an Itchyworms song. Dj Eva made a funny comment about being “buraot”, in which they both laughed at.

Fourth situation was about waiting for a long time. Once again Janine performed one of her Tawag ng Tanghalan song “Sabihin” by Zelle.

Last and final scenario was cramming for school deadlines. Janine picked a very applicable song by Moonstar 88.

Watch the full video below and know what songs Janine performed.



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