The truth behind Viral video of James Reid

The Viral video of James Reid that recently circulated on social media was addressed personally by the actor.

The alleged Viral video of James Reid is showing him hanging out with two girls and other friends inside a car.

And as expected the viral video of James Reid brought mixed reactions from his fans. Some were saying that he should be more mindful of his actions now that he is already in a relationship with Nadine Lustre.

The actor thus address all speculations when he had an interview with PEP at the sidelines of the 47th Guillermo Mendoza Awards on Sunday. He said that there is nothing wrong with the video because the girls he was with were all his friends.

James also clarified and said, “Nadine knows them, too. She really doesn’t mind,” he said.

On the other hand, Nadine was interviewed on Tuesday with  “Tonight with Boy Abunda” and had a chance to spoke about the matter. The actress said that the viral video of James Reid is a non-issue because she knows everyone in it.

Nadine also defended his boyfriend, James Reid against “playboy” accusations.

In same interview with PEP, James said that  his relationship with Lustre has been going well so far.

“It’s amazing, we’re still on a high. With everything that’s been happening, the concert tour, everything, actually, nothing really changed between us. I know her inside and out for three years of being good friends. It’s more of the feelings that changed,” he added”.

Currently, the couple James and Nadine is busy preparing for their movie “This Time.” This was being produced by Viva Films and is set to be released on May 4.

Viral video of James Reid

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