Thor Hammers US with Arctic Blast

Just as when you thought  that Thor is the God of Thunder and his adopted brother Loki, the God of Mischief who was born of the giant frost in freezing planet Jotunhein,

it was US storm Thor that pounded most of the states with an Arctic Blast.


Winter Storm near Spring
Jet stream ahead of the Arctic Blast.

From north of Texas to the south of New England residents suffered weather disturbances ranging from freezing rain to 19 inch of snow, as the jet stream moves towards east,  Thursday, March 5. This is where the cold air from the north meets with the moisture air from the south. Some states belonging to the ‘tornado alley’ had several experiences with hail during tornado season but rarely or never with inches of snow.


Jet stream
Path of the winter storm as it stretches across most of the states.


As early as Tuesday, parts of Texas began to accumulate ice ahead of the storm. A Filipino and her husband in Sweetwater, Texas drove up in the streets blanketed in white snow.

US Storm Thor in Texas
Snow in Sweetwater, Texas (photo by Evanly Marie).

 The winter storm Thor reached as far as the sunny Huntington Beach, south of California,

Snow in California
White beach in West coast Huntington Beach, California.


Snow in California
It’s Olaf in Huntington Beach, California.


to the dry lands of Arizona,

Snow in Arizona
Snow in Arizona.


to the horse racing tracks of Kentucky Derby City of Louisville, Kentucky,

Snow in Kentucky
Cars covered with ice in Kentucky.


and stretching to beach on the East coast in Lynn, Massachusetts.

White beach in East coast.
White beach in East coast of Lynn, Massachusetts.


Thor also pounded the country music city of Nashville, Tennessee;

Snow in  Tennessee
Snow and ball in Nashville, Tennessee.


a sleet fell over downtown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, seen in this video taken by Jackie Geromo from her office building;


Ice coated cars, still in Philly, as she commuted home ;

Snow in Philadelphia
Ice covers Philly (photo by Jackie Geromo)


freezing rain dropped in Detroit, Michigan as captured by Dennis Guevarra from his dashboard;

Freezing Rain in Detroit
Freezing Rain poured in Detroit, Michigan (photo by Dennis Guevarra)


New York residents, like Jessie Tan, woke up to a feet of snow accumulated overnight;

Snow in New York.
Snow overnight in New York (photo by Jessie Tan),


and Delta plane skidded off a runway in La Guardia Airport New York causing flight delays. Some passenger were treated for minor injuries and bringing other 3 to hospital.

Delta plane in Laguardia Airport New York
Delta plane skid on runway.


The northern and east coast states suffered heavy snow last February, including Boston, but were spared from this winter storm. This time, states of emergency were declared in Alabama, West Virginia, Mississippi and New Jersey ahead of the storm.

Federal offices in Washington, D.C. are closed on THOR’s-day except for emergency personnel.

Federal offices closed in Washington D.C.
Washington D.C. was closed Thursday ahead of the winter storm.



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