Video: Three Men Taken Hostage by Muslim Insurgents

A video of three men taken hostage by Muslim insurgents has gone viral on social media. In the video, the three expressed their plea to President Benigno S. Aquino for help. One of the men identified himself as SN1 Rodlyn Pagaling, a member of the Philippine Coast Guard, who claimed in his appeal that the hostage takers have threatened to have him and his companions killed. Another hostage, SN2 Gringo Villaruz, also of the Philippine Coast Guard, stated in the video that the Muslim rebels will decapitate their prisoners should their demands not be met. It was not clear though what specific “demands” Villaruz were referring to. A third hostage, Rudy Boligao, a barangay captain of Aligway appealed to the local officials of Dapitan, Zamboanga del Norte for help.

Three Men taken hostage by Muslim Insurgents


Pagaling, the first of the three men taken hostage by Muslim insurgents said, “Ako si Rodlyn Pagaling, isang coast guard, nananawagan sa pamahalaan na tulungan kami, lalo na ang Presidente Aquino.. tulungan mo kami.. Sir Isorina…tulungan mo kami. Papatayin kami nila. Maawaka sa amin. Sa mga opisyales ng gobyerno, sa pamilya naming… tulungan nyo kami.

(I am Rodlyn Pagaling, a Coast Guard, appealing to the government for help, especially to President [Benigno Simeon] Aquino. Please help us. Sir [PCG Commandant Admiral Rodolfo] Isorena.. help us. They will kill us. Have mercy. To all government officials, our families… help us.)


His fellow Coast Guard, Gringo Villaruz also implored the authorities for help. “…Sir, tulungan mo kami sir… di kami pwedeng magtagal dito sir kasi kukunan kami ngulo pag mangyari yung di nila gusto namangyari Sir na… yung hinihingi nila na di maibigay. Sir, maawakasaamin sir. Kung sino yung nakapanood na station dyan ..kung sino na kapanood sa video naito… sa lahat ngnakapanood.. tulunga nnyo kami… maawa kayo saamin,” he begged.

(Sir, please help us… we cannot stay here. They shall decapitate us if their demands are not met. Have mercy on us Sir. Whoever sees this video, any [television] station, everyone who gets to see this, please help us…)


The Barangay Captain on the other hand spoke in Visayan and addressed his appeal to Mayor Rosalina Jalosjos and Congressman Bullet (Jalosjos). He likewise stated that their captors threatened to execute all three hostages.


One of the leaders of the captors also sent a message to the government, “Kami ay… sa side ng nakabihag ng dalawang coast guard at isang kapitan o barangay captain, nanawagan kami namaibigay ninyo ang hinihingi naming sa laong medaling panahon. Kung hindi nyo maibigay ang hinihingi naming pupugutan naming ng ulo ang isa sa mga bihag na ito o lahat sila.” (We are holding these two coast guards and barangay captain hostage. We are calling upon [the government] to give us what we are demanding as soon as possible. Otherwise, we shall behead one or all three hostages.) The video ended with the captors shouting “Takbir Allahu Akbar”.

The three men taken hostage by Muslim rebels are believed to be victims of the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) who were reported by the police to have landed in Aligway Island and kidnapped several people whom they took to an unknown location.

Watch the video here from Filipino Netizens.

Three Men taken hostage by Muslim Insurgents

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