Tony Labrusca no plan to file complaint after punching incident

Glorious star Tony Labrusca was accidentally punched in the face by a security guard in Batangas.

The incident happened last December 8, where he performed in a mall event at Victory Mall located in Tanauan, Batangas. A Facebook video was posted by a netizen named Patricia Ann Malubay Ramilo.

In the video it will be seen that Tony, who was wearning a white top and a pair of maong pants was walking to exit the venue. He was being escorted by his entourage and a few security personnel to control the crowd. Apparently, Tony was being mobbed by the audience.

A guy in white cap tried to pull him out of the crowd and Tony even tried to run. However, his fans  still chased him.

Until the unfortunate incident happened. A security guard punched the young actor that caused the actor to lose balance.

But despite what happened, Tony Labrusca has no plan to file a complaint. In an interview, he said that he understood why the security guard

“The guard was just trying to do his job and it happens in life sometimes people makes mistakes. But it’s okay I don’t get mad or anything of that”

Here is the full video of the incident.




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