Scary! Tornado in Manila Area

At around 4 to 5 pm this Sunday afternoon, a tornado in Manila was experienced.

While Luzon is having heavy rains due to southwest monsoon or habagat, an unexpected tornado or so- called ipo-ipo  formed in the clouds of Metro Manila. A funnel-shaped cloud that was swirling around was seen in the sky. Above the funnel was a solid, and heavy dark cloud.

This tornado in Manila definitely hit the ground as seen in the stretch of the funnel.

News reports confirmed that it brushed the streets of Sampaloc, Quiapo and Binondo area. There were damages to properties, including scraped off roofs, and displaced objects. In the Intramuros area,trees were uprooted and electric poles were down. In Samplaoc area, one convenience store had trampled signages.

Good thing there were no casualties or injuries that were reported when this happened.

tornado in Manila 2016

(C) Cathy Plazo

(C) Karen Daphne Madrigal

(C) Karen Daphne Madrigal



Of course, this weather phenomenon caught the attention of a lot of netizens. There were those who were able to capture it in their mobile phones. As we all know, a tornado is something that a tropical country like the Philippines is least likely to experience.

Here are compilation of videos posted online of this rare occurrence of tornado in the Philippines.




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