Tuba artist paints President Duterte portrait

A tuba artist from Tacloban paid tribute to President Duterte by painting his portrait. But, his art was unusual as he uses “tuba” or coconut wine in painting.


The tuba artist was known as Dante Enage, and was inspired to paint Duterte’s portrait as his way of thanking the President for his good intentions for the government.

Enage said that he painted the President’s portrait on Monday, in time for the President’s firts SONA.

The tuba artist choses “tuba” as his medium of painting in order to promote the Waraynon culture.

“It’s more than an art form. It’s also my contribution to the local wine-making industry. When people see my painting, they also take a glimpse of our culture,” Enage said in the vernacular.

Enage, as a supporter of the president said he is happy about the changes in the political climate in the country

Reported further, the tuba artist shared his thoughts on Duterte’s SONA saying that he is glad the President

Asked about his thoughts on Duterte’s SONA, he said he is glad that the president opened his speech by talking about reconciliation and moving forward.

“Instead of blaming the past, let’s just focus on making the present better,” he said in Winaray.

The tuba artist, being a Typhoon Yolanda survivor hopes the President will not forget the storm victims. He is hoping Duterte will check on the situation of survivors like him. “Whatever is still lacking, we hope he can help us out.”

The tuba artist also painted a portrait of Pope Francis who visited Tacloban last year.

Tuba Artist

On the other hand, his art was extended also painting portraits of American rock star Jimi Hendrix, pop icon John Lennon and People’s champ Manny Pacquiao were painted before Yolanda hit Tacloban. And he was happy, he was able to retrieve the paintings.

tuba artist

In conclusion, if given the chance, Enage would like to present  the portrait to President Duterte.

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