Video: Twerk it Like Miley Mocha Boys Version

A video of Twerk it Like Miley Mocha Boys Version is spreading on social media like wildfire.

Mocha Boys

The group was featured in Mga Kwento ni Marc Logan on Saturday and on Sunday on Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho wherein they will have a showdown with the Mocha Girls.

Three days before the video was uploaded, the group posted in their Facebook page: We will release our new video tomorrow! We were able to finish the steps of Twerk it Like Miley this afternoon. We just finished rehearsing. We hope you will like our new moves. We would also like to ask our supporters to Like and Share our video and put comment.

Mocha Boys

The Mocha Boys from Caloocan City were thankful to their fans and followers after their first video went viral. The group members are Zoren, Emil, Dan Peter, Randy, and Alvin Bernal.

Twerk it Like Miley was sang by Brandon Beal. Maja Salvador danced to the tune in ASAP two weeks ago and went trending online. Watch their video here.

Mocha Boys


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