Unique graduation pictures goes viral

A collection of graduation pictures went viral online.

A Facebook account under the name Vintage Art shared a two-part post titled Creative PhotoShoot . The post had the caption –

Part 1. Creative PhotoShoot. Narinig ko gusto daw ng mga kaklase ko na mag creative shot.

Kaklase nilang Photographer:

Hi 12-Karri❤️💙.”

The post featured several photos of graduating highschool students posing for the camera. In the photo, each student will be seen holding a piece of paper.

What made it viral? The writings on the piece of paper , that probably was a description of the person holding it was funny and very smartly made.

One of the male students who had a curly hair had his placard saying-
“Kulot pero hindi salot “

funny graduation pictures
Photo from www.facebook.com/Vintage-Art

Another student decided to go a bit far in portraying her description “Ang baliw-baliwan ng 12 Karri”.

Photo from www.facebook.com/Vintage-Art

Also making fun of himself was a student who was holding a fork and a lid of a plastic food container. He wore a sign that says “Buraot”, a widely used term for someone who asks for food from others most of the time.

Photo from www.facebook.com/Vintage-Art

There were also timely posts about the hit online game Mobile Legends. A students who obviously is addicted to this games had a caption saying –
“Sila Honor ako Mythic” .

Mobile Legends

Photo from www.facebook.com/Vintage-Art

Surprisingly, it was not only the students who were game to have this unconventional graduation pictures!

Their adviser will be seen joining the bandwagon.

Photo from www.facebook.com/Vintage-Art

Here are the other funny photos.



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