Amazing: Urban Cable Car System in Bolivia

The story about the Urban Cable Car System in Bolivia is something that many of the Filipino commuters will be envious about.

Everyday commuting Filipinos are faced with a long list of dilemma. Super heavy traffic, delayed trains, scarcity of decent public transpo and expensive  fare hike are just some of the problems we have to juggle day in and day out. To  government also has a long list of plans trying to solve the puzzle of improving roads and public transpo. Just recently new MRT coaches have arrived and is being tested.

Now, don’t we just wish that we also have Bolivia’s Urban Cable Car System ?

In 2014, Bolivia opened the world’s highest urban cable car system that travels high up in the Andes. It connects the mountain cities of La Paz and El Alto.

Riding the Urban Cable Car System in Bolivia slashes off the travelling time to almost half!

Fear of heights has no place though for this ride for it is mounted 13,000 feet or 4,000 meters above sea-level. Currently Bolivia gondolas have seven lines.

Bolivia’s geography is mostly made-up of hills and mountains. Therefore, building train stations is quite a challenge.

Watch the video below and be amazed of this real Skyway system!

Urban Cable Car System in Bolivia





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