UST Student rants about UST AB Teachers

A UST Student posted a rant on a Facebook account called UST Files.

The statement started with -If you’re planning on studying at UST (Especially Arts and Letters), I suggest you find another school.

Reading on, this UST student described how the professors particularly in AB (Arts and Letters) were allegedly poorly performing.

It even came to a point that this UST student  called these professors as “teachers” . The explanation was -“They’re at the same level as some high school teachers.”

Here’s the full post.


If you’re planning on studying at UST (Especially Arts and Letters), I suggest you find another school. Why? Let me rant about the the UST Studenthappening I’ve observed in our Faculty. First of all, hindi nag ho-honor si Dean ng Dean’s Lister. Sa graduation mo pa ma fe-feel. For me, it’s not much of a big deal but maybe for others, it is. Maybe it’s their way of showing their parents or someone important to them na hindi sayang tuition nila or hindi sayang yung pagod nila. Next, they make Arts and Letters the newbie teacher’s “training grounds”, as what I call them. I insist on calling them “teachers” because they’re at the same level as some high school teachers. Let me cite an example. May “prof” kami sa Bio namin na “Ph.D.” daw siya. Her grammar is reaaaally awful, almost cancerous. Yung hand-out niya nakasulat “blood clothing” instead of “blood clotting” and “banana leave” daw. Akalain mo yun? Umalis yung saging. Sige, let’s say hindi lang siya nakapag proofread. Pero kapag nag discuss siya yung grammar niya, I KENNAT. Tapos pinagmamalaki pa niya na nagtrabaho daw siya sa “London”. London street? Probably. Isa pa, as a biology professor, dapat ine-explain mo sa students mo why the body is functioning a certain way, di ba? Pero ang explaination niya lagi “because God made us this way”. I mean, I get it, this is a Catholic institution but using religion to explain scientific occurrence? Is that what you’ve learned in your Doctorate? By the way, guess where she got her Ph. D? Yup, in UST. Nagulat din ako eh. Akala ko nga sa Recto lang niya nakuha. I thought UST’s standards was way over the top. I guessed wrong. Taga AB ka ba? Siguro kilala mo na to. (Hint: Her initials are A. N.) HAHAHAHAHA Sayang tuition namin. Pwede bang i re-imburse yung binayad namin for this course? Ang layo ng binabiyahe ko tapos eto lang madadatnan ko? Sana nag self study na lang ako. But then again, instead of ranting, mag-aaral na lang ako para may mapala naman ako sa buhay. Are you still planning on studying at Arts and Letters? Good luck!

EDIT: (di nasama sa first part kaya may pahabol)

Noong evaluation day, sobrang ni-roast siya ng class namin (or maybe pati ng iba pa niyang class), siyempre, isa ako sa mga yun. Feeling namin nung nakarating yung comments namin sa kanya, tinamad na siya magturo. You know what she did? She just showed videos from YouTube showing how the systems function. I was like “Gurl, I could’ve enrolled at YouTube University for free and earn a degree after a month but no, I didn’t do that. My parents enrolled me at UST instead since my parents and I know I could learn more here”. Pero of course, I just said it all in my head since baka i-singko niya ako. Ayoko maging pabigat sa mga magulang ko. Pinlay niya lang yung videos for an hour tapos nag discuss for about 5 minutes about the diseases about that system and binigay lang niya sa amin yung video and powerpoint. That’s it. She’s done for the day.

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