Van and car in Baguio dumped with garbage, photo goes viral

Baguio , one of the most popular tourist spot in our country especially during summer has become viral and somehow controversial.

Recently photos of vehicles being dumped with garbage has circled the social media. There were two photos that came out recently, one is a sedan card and the latest was a van.

In both photos, the car and the van will be seen being surrounded by garbage.

Here is the first photo that was posted by Alay sa Kalinisan FB page . A gray car was parked at a street . But unfortunately trash was dumped where the car was parked. According , Baguio. The post mentioned that this happened in a bridge in J. Sumulong.

Photo from Alay sa Kalinisan FB page

Photo from Alay sa Kalinisan FB page

Now another photo surfaced and this time it was the same scenario but different type of vehicle. A white van that was also parked in a street ended with the same fate.

Photo from Dashcam Philippines FB Page

Photo from Dashcam Philippines FB Page

These posts has sparked a debate among the netizens. Some found the actions offending and said that the people who left their trash could’ve just spared the vehicles.

According to some posts, it was said that the location were the vehicles were parked are pick-up points of garbage trucks.

In Baguio, it was said that there are designated areas where the residents can dump their trash.

Unfortunately these two vehicled were parked at the said assigned areas. Moreover, netizens pointed out that there were “No Parking” signs and a signage saying it is an area for garbage pick-up.

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