Viral: Singing Video Beautiful Policewoman Jane Lee

Jane Lee a policewoman who is stationed in Zamboanga area has recently earned online admirers when her selfie photos went viral and online.

This lady officer whose complete name and rank is PO1 Jane Lee-Kalayakan was admired not only for the uniform she wore but most especially for the beauty she posses.

Jane Lee Beautiful Policewoman

Now after her instant online fame, Jane Lee proved that more than her beautiful face is her talent in singing!

In a Youtube video uploaded last March 22, officer Jane Lee showed her singing stint with a fellow police officer Jennilyn Dumaboc . The two ladies were wearing dark green shirts that reads “PULIS.”

They started the video with a quick introduction of themselves. She stated that they will be singing an Aegis hit titled “Luha” and at the same time she will also be doing a Dubsmash. The two police officers definitely enjoyed recording their performance. While officer Dumaboc was singing her part, Jane was acting out the lyrics.

As we all know Aegis songs are dubbed as “birit”  “buwis-buhay” or “patid-litid” songs because of the powerful and high notes. But these two law enforcers were equally talented for they were able to hit the high notes of the song.

Here’s the full video from Online Entertainment  Youtube account-



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