Video of Diego Montes, brother of student allegedly involved in Ateneo bullying incident goes viral

After the fuzz in the recent alleged  Ateneo bullying incident, video of Diego Montes is now making rounds in social media.

The student who punched and  kicked another student in the Ateneo bullying incident was previously identified as Joaquin Montes. As soon as the news came out, there were some netizens who shared posts about his older brother Diego.

These posts stated that allegedly Diego was also into bullying. An FB post showing his photo said that he was a former San Beda student and also a taekwondo player. In some posts, it was mentioned that Diego was a blackbelter too like his brother.

Now the video that surfaced was said to have been captured and uploaded by a certain Dop Savellano Posadas . In the video, it will be seen a guy was pinned on the ground. There was other three to four guys gathered around  meddling. It was not clear what really happened but it was obvious that there was commotion as shouts will be heard.

A female voice will be heard saying “Whos’ that?” . Then another voice answered “Si Diego yan“.

Faces of the people in the footage will not be clearly seen, however owner of the video claims that the guy who was pinned down was  Diego Montes.

Watch the video below.





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