Video of Ellen Adarna smoking weed with ex Baste Duterte–actress clears confusion

The sexy actress and model shocked the internet when she posted a video of what looked like a high Ellen Adarna smoking weed.

People have totally misunderstood this alleged video of Ellen Adarna smoking weed with ex-boyfriend Baste Duterte:

@sebastianduterte My EX and WHYs channeling #lizasoberano #enriquegil sorry bisaya ray makasabot ani. #exGoals dapat ganyan walang bitter. Move on ng masaya.. Hahahaha nya kamusta akong lipstick na nagkampat. Hahahaha okeh ra? Hahaha di na uso ang relationship goals! #exGoals na #throwback feelings malipayong 2017 and let go charooouoot! nasobraan tas ka free spirit @sebastianduterte hahahahhaha mura rag wai mahitabo diba. Mao na kung manguyab mo dapat cool inyung uyabon. Nawa mi. Cool ra coolang pa coolookoy #kinsayvictim #victimsoflove diay ka huhhh ahahaha sigi unahay na kinsay magilog! Hahaha

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Adarna decided it was high time to correct the misconceptions.

The issue started when a video of the actress shown to be smoking with her ex-partner and presidential son Sebastian “Baste” Duterte went viral on social media after being re-uploaded on YouTube entitled “Ellen Adarna and Baste Duterte: Sabog na Sabog.”

Viewers then mistook the Filipino slang “sabog” and thought it was pertaining to the kind of high that cannabis smokers get.

“They can say whatever they say. We were both drunk,” says Adarna, telling people that taking the video of them looking high  was a joint decision.

The 23yo clarified in an interview with that she and her then boyfriend were simply having a good time while intoxicated, and laughed off the issue.

She even emphasized the fact that she herself uploaded it on her Instagram account weeks before it went viral on YouTube, as her post talked about moving forward after a break up.

Adarna also clarified what Baste was smoking in the video to clear doubts that it was marijuana.

“Baste was smoking real cigarettes. It’s called IQOS from Japan. You can Google it,” Adarna cleared.

The couple had announced their break up before the new year.



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