Viral: Actual footage of Cebu landslide that killed more than 10 people

The disastrous Cebu landslide that took several lives was captured in a CCTV camera.

A portion of a mountain in Naga City, Cebu collapsed today after hours of heavy rains burying several homes in Sitio Sindulan, Barangay Tinaan. There were 5 nearby baranggays in the location.

According to news reports, there were at least 18 casualties, 13 injured and more than 70 are people missing after the landslide. The more than 300 affected families from 3 villages were evacuated and brought to the Enan Chiong Activity Center. They were immediately provided assistance.

It was said that the residents were already warned before the massive Cebu landslide occurred.

The Cebu City Local government has advised to evacuate two weeks ago before Ompong hit the country and also because cracks and fissures were already seen on the ground.

“It has been identified as a landslide prone area. Details of that were provided to the local government unit for dissemination to the residents,” said  Marian Codilla, information officer of the MGB office in Cebu.

Apo Land and Quarry Corp. was said to have mining rights in the area. The company hasn’t started their operations but still extended help by lending equipment.

Now here’s a video of the actual landslide from the CCTV camera of Naga City Jail.





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